Notice of Conditional Acceptance (Smart Meter)


Private & Confidential:
To: [Firstname Lastname] in the Office of Chief Executive Officer
[SUPPLIER'S REGISTERED NAME], Registered No. [12345678]
(herinafter referred to as “the Supplier”)


Notice of Conditional Acceptance
Terms and conditions of acceptance* of Supplier's offer to install a “Smart Meter”† within private property identified as [XXXXXXXXXX ADDRESS SUPPLIED TO XXXXXXXXXXXXXX]
(herinafter referred to as “the Property”) Reference account number [XXXXXXXX]


1) Prior to installation of any new metering equipment the Supplier shall:
(i) provide in writing complete technical specifications for the proposed equipment to be installed at least one month before an installation is carried out, and
(ii) provide the Property's Occupier with a certified copy of an insurance bond underwritten at Lloyds of London which indemnifies occupiers and neighbours of the Property against all and any loss, harm or damage resulting from the installed equipment


2) It is agreed between the parties that the Supplier warrants that the installed equipment shall not:
(i) emanate radio frequencies greater than one micro-watt-per-square-centimetre (1uW/Cm²) at any point beyond 300mm distance from the installed equipment, or
(ii) introduce any digital data into the electrical mains wiring within the Property, or
(iii) operate outside of the 2400–2483.5 MHz harmonised frequency band without express written permission from the Property's occupier, or
(iv) record, save or disseminate any private data of the Property's occupier which may be gathered by the Supplier's equipment.


3) In the event of a breach of these terms by the Supplier to the detriment of the Property's Occupier, or his/her rights, it is agreed between the parties that the Supplier shall pay to the Occupier of the Property, five-thousand-pounds sterling (£5,000) per month with immediate effect until a passive, analogue meter is re-installed to the Property's electrical (or gas) supply.


4) In the event of the Supplier unilaterally terminating the supply of existing services, apparent to the Customer as an means of coercion to install a Smart Meter, it is agreed between the parties that the Supplier shall pay to the occupier five-thousand-pounds sterling (£5,000) per month with immediate effect until such time as their normal services are resumed.




[Customer's Signature]


Authorised signatory for
[Your Firstname Lastname]
in the Office of Customer


* and in accord with the general terms and conditions of service at


†“Smart Meter” is defined as any electronic device for the purpose of transmitting a digital record of quantities of gas, water or electricity used by a Customer to a Supplier.