Notice of Terms and Conditions of Acceptance and Service


To the Claimant:

Claimant takes notice of the following conditions and terms of service in acceptance of claims or other offers received by the Respondent. Unless otherwise notified the Claimant shall pay the Respondent a standard fee in pounds sterling to the value of ten pounds (£10) per minute in consideration for supplying any services requested, plus expenses or losses incurred. In using Respondent’s services the Claimant expressly accepts the terms and conditions stated herein which shall constitute the entire agreement between the Parties and any modification to these conditions will be binding only if it is evidenced in writing and states where such evidence contains specific reference to those conditions being modified and is signed by the Respondent.

A. Conditional Acceptance of Claims

1. Claims are accepted by the Respondent conditional upon receipt of verified evidence in proof of:
(i) the legal identity of the Claimant, and
(ii) Claimant's authority and jurisdiction over Respondent, and
(iii) the identity of the damaged party, and
(iv) the loss, harm or damage incurred, and
(v) intent to injure, or
(vi) the pre-existing contract of obligation between the parties.

2. Until verified evidence in proof to the contrary is disclosed by the Claimant it is agreed between the parties that:
(i) the Respondent is not a surety or accommodation party for any liability created by the Claimant or their agent, and
(ii) the Claimant does not have any authority or jurisdiction over the Respondent, and
(iii) any liability created by the Claimant exists as a charge upon the Claimant.
3. Failure to provide the Respondent with the required evidence within ten days of receipt of this notice (or to request additional time to reply) is confirmation
of agreement between the parties that the Claimant’s claim against the Respondent is:
(i) without a justiciable controversy against the Respondent or Respondent’s interests, and
(ii) established as a false or misleading representation, and
(iii) a trespass upon the Respondent's rights from the commencement of the claim, and
(iv) subject to the terms of License hereunder.


B. License (A revocable agreement to permit Claimant to trespass upon rights belonging to the Respondent.)

1. This license is in effect where a claim is made by a false or misleading representation, or which results in a trespass or infringement of another’s rights, or
where any other act of misfeasance, malfeasance or nonfeasance is in evidence.
The following fee schedule and conditions apply:
(i) fees in pounds sterling to the value of ten-thousand-pounds (£10,000) per hour, or part thereof, are charged to any Claimant in consideration for services provided or other inconvenience incurred by the Respondent and the Respondent's agents,
(ii) fees in pounds sterling to the value of five-million-pounds (£5,000,000) are charged to each and any Claimant in consideration for each and every act caused by a Claimant which implies or threatens or attempts or commits a trespass upon, or misappropriation of, the Respondent’s rights or that which may cause a risk of loss to the Respondent's or another’s interests.
(iii) fees in pounds sterling to the value of five-million-pounds (£5,000,000) are charged to each and any Claimant in consideration for each and every hour,
or part thereof, in respect of interference caused by acts of the Claimant to the lawful physical or intellectual liberties and rights belonging to the Respondent or the Respondent’s agents.

2. Fees are due for immediate payment and each and any Claimant agrees to:

(i) stand as surety and accept fiduciary responsibility, jointly and severally, for all and any liabilities created or fees due, and
(ii) surrender any privilege of corporate or official indemnity, and
(iii) indemnify the Respondent against loss or damage, and
(iv) remain liable to criminal proceedings in respect of acts of violence, misappropriation or fraud committed.

3. Overdue accounts are subject to interest at the rate of 8% per annum, compound interest, calculated daily. Until payment is received in full any credit
balance remaining is available by the Respondent for the discharge of private and public debt by transfer of commercial instruments. Each and any Claimant authorises the Respondent to lien, levy and seize all or any of the Claimant’s assets to satisfy a debt without demur.

C. General terms and conditions

It is agreed between the parties that:
(i) in this matter the Respondent elects to retain all rights and waives all privileges and any accustomed or implied consent by the Respondent is withdrawn.
(ii) Powers of attorney previously granted are now rescinded.
(iii) the Claimant has a duty to substantiate a claim with evidence in proof of that claim.
(iv) Notice to agent is notice to principal. Notice to principal is notice to agent.
(v) Respondent’s rights in copy-hold are claimed and reserved by the Respondent.
(vi) where the Claimant fails, upon demand, to produce evidence of authority or jurisdiction over the Respondent the Claimant shall provide written confirmation of withdrawal of proceedings or remit a deposit, as an indemnity against malfeasance, in pounds sterling to the value of one-thousand pounds (£1,000) or three-fold any exaction imposed; whichever is the greater.
(vii) the Claimant confirms the Respondent's right to subrogation.
(viii) the Respondent prevails in original jurisdiction (common law) until evidence to the contrary is produced for inspection.
(ix) where the Claimant acts in a manner where the Respondent is required to act as surety or in the capacity of trustee or fiduciary, the Respondent accepts
the office of Trustee conditional upon consideration of fees in pounds sterling to the value of fifty-thousand-pounds (£50,000) per month; chargeable annually in advance, and may be terminated at thirty-days’ notice. Such fees are due from the date of commencement of the office and are of the essence.
(x) the Claimant confirms acceptance of the terms and conditions stated herein by their performance in persisting a claim without correction of errors.
(xi) the terms and conditions expressed herein remain in force until three years after all parties are satisfied and accounts closed.
(xii) settlements exacted by deception or misappropriation or by any implied threat of violence are void and may be recovered in due course without prejudice.
(xiii) any rule applied by the Claimant is voidable where it is inconsistent with common law (the Laws of God) or the constitutional law of the land.


Claimant means: any man, woman, agent, principal or other party of complicity in the matter before or after the original claim. Evidence means: material which demonstrates incontrovertible proof of the fact or point in issue; whether it be by matter of record or writing or by the testimony of witnesses. Verified means: to substantiate with testimony by a living-man or woman with first-hand knowledge of an event under penalty of perjury and under full commercial liability and sworn on oath before two witnesses.


By Respondent