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We are every day assaulted by the demands and threats of others. You can share my journey of discovery of the texts and sources of our real law and how they have been perverted  by corporations to favour the greedy instead of the needy.

You can download the source documents which I have acquired which were necessary to an understanding of the challenges we face, together with some essential notices and forms and I have prepared to help protect ourselves from the wave of corporate fascism sweeping over the land; that which we as the real Sovereigns of the land of the living, where the blood flows the the flesh lives, the mind sings and the sprit soars. Yes, We the People have the absolute right of possession before any of the dead things which occupy our souls and steal our rights away from us.


Singer/songwriter King Rollo is a twenty-first century Troubadour who has toured UK and European clubs,

festivals and pub venues, featuring Blues & Roots

themes dispensing harmony to a jangled world
(for about five decades so far).

“One of Britain’s finest acoustic
blues performers”


It is the world and language of music and the friendship of musicians and artists which has kept me alive and sane in an otherwise crazy world whirling around during the time allotted me here on this tiny blue dot in space we know as Earth.

In that everything in physics is seen to resolve in vibration of one kind or another, I am of the kind that likes to Boogie. How about you? 


Along with music and song-writing, Rollo's life-path has included other marketable creative accomplishments in order to avoid complete penury. Such artisanal skills have included design and printing, advertising copywriting, scriptwriting, photography and video production. Such skills and experiences paid the bills of the time, and now come in useful as the ultimate means of expression, before death takes the inevitable hand to stem the flow.

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